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A unique cloud hosting provider

Our efforts and focus are always directed to our clients and their needs


About Us

We, at Bergehost Technology Services', are no different than our customers - we too want the service or product that we pay for to work right, so that we won't have to spend extra time so as to make it work properly. That is why we arrived at the decision to start our own hosting company - so that we could provide the service that we ourselves want to use.

What Makes Us Unique?

While most hosting companies use the ready-made whmcs as a basis of their web hosting platforms, we made the decision to build the web hosting Control Panel. The main advantage of this web hosting client Panel is that it offers billing, website and domain management possibilities. This will save you the effort of signing in to different places to administer the things that belong to you. With this, you will have total authority over all angles of your web presence and will be able to administer all your sites and domains from one location .

Our Web Hosting Platform

We introduced a web hosting platform powered by the powerful mixture of Linux and Apache, which permits us to guarantee you a seamless web hosting experience and to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee! We are also working with several data centers situated in different countries. And we offer a 24x7x365 customer service and a 5-minutes ticket response time guarantee, although our customer care team members usually reply to all inquiries in no more than 2 minutes!





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